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Way of buy Tickets

buy USSD

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Buying ticket with a cell phone has a two stage process which is described in detail below:
The first phase: the company's booking code
you Should call Imensafar, tell desired destination, date and time to the operator and get their code.
The second phase: ticket payment
For ticket payments with your mobile phone, dial # 333 * 724 * and process payment (by the card number and password) and confirm the purchase.

Card to card

In this method, by calling 03134359030 reserve your ticket and buy tickets price. Depositing money to the card number 6104337997986219 And after mentioning the reference number to the operator , Your tickets are exported and you should just before the trip go to the company for Get our Tickets

همراه سفر

همراه سفر ایمن سفر

Features of Imensafar Hamrahsafar :
1- Buy Tickets in 15 secend
2- Relationship between Internet , ussd and sms
3- Farsi And English Language
4- Report From Old Operation

Passengers Rights

Dear Travellers, the ticket is a contract between the passenger and the Company therefore get ticket for your travel until if there is a problem, the compony can solve it.
- In case of cancellation of the trip to an hour before the departure time, back to you 90% amount of your ticket.
- In case of cancellation less than an hour before the bus leaving, back to you 50% amount of your ticket. Identification card for refundable tickets are required
- baggage of travelers (one bag and baggage) of 20 kg per person is Free, excess of it are calculated based on ticket rates for each kilo
- Passengers also have other rights that attach at the back of the ticket

Imensafar Iranian Esfahan Company

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Imensafar Iranian Esfahan Company

we are proud, that with special VIP services to most parts of country offer a safe and comfortable journey to travelers you can buy your tickets with non-verbal methods and saving your time